Square Enix recently shared a video showing us that game development isn’t all about being cooped up in the office. The Final Fantasy XV development team went out location hunting, gathering inspiration for the locales and monsters found in the upcoming Final Fantasy title. Here’s a look at their excursion.


The team braved dark, narrow caves, home to bats and insects alike, before coming across a forest creek. They then got up close with a couple of lions and even a giraffe. The small inset at the bottom of the video shows what monsters in Final Fantasy XV were inspired by the creature’s behavior and movements.


Next, the team navigated some rocky cliffs before arriving at a summit and catching a dazzling sunset. It then shows them camping and cooking up a few dishes that Ignis has been seen preparing in-game.


After spectating some military training, they caught some footage of a storm that seemed to have been conjured by Ramuh himself.


Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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