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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Gets A New Trailer And Footage Showing Off Daemon Abilities



Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn launches in less than a week, and we got a look at a new trailer and a couple videos showing the new Shadow Move and Daemonification gameplay features.


Here’s a look at the new trailer:


Shadow Move

Using his Daemon powers, Ardyn is able to use “Shadow Move” to freely travel across the map in high speed. It is described by the developers as an exhilarating new action that can be used to explore Insomnia.



“Daemonification” is a special attack that neutralizes enemies by transforming them into Daemons. Ardyn becomes stronger each time the ability is used, as it absorbs power from the transformed Daemon.


Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Episode Ardyn releases on March 26, 2019. Check our previous report for the latest info on Episode Ardyn. Square Enix is hosting one final Active Time Report on March 26, 2019, which you can check out here.

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