Final Fantasy XV PC Release In Consideration, Plans For Paid And Free DLC

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Square Enix had a bunch to share on Final Fantasy XV as a mixed-media project during the Uncovered event last week, and we got some additional information from the staff via Dengeki and Game Watch. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Q: The framerate for the Platinum Demo is a little lower than expected. Will these be improved or adjusted for the full release?

A: We plan on doing more improvements as we head into its full release. We’ve introduced an experimental dynamic resolution to the Platnium Demo, and it is at full-resolution at its upper limit. The demo’s purpose is to show off a part of the world rather than its framerate. For now, we’ve been able to introduce a technical inspection regarding the resolution. Again, the demo was made to be the exact specs for the PS4 and Xbox One, but the full version will have it optimized for each system.


Q: Were there any titles that inspired you into making it into an open-world title?

A: We’ve been inspired by all Western open world-type AAA titles, but the base of the inspiration behind traveling seamlessly in the world comes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That’s the best one.



Q: More on the flying Regalia.

A: The Regalia’s flying model is made possible through customizing once you get pretty far into the game, so there’s some playthrough elements there. While there are some places that can only be reached while using it, you won’t need to customize it as part of the story. There are two aims for the flying model. One is “I want to fly using the car that I’ve been journeying with” and “incorporating the thrilling sense of landing an aircraft.” It’s easy to lift off, but you might find yourself in trouble if you don’t land properly. There won’t be any other flying vehicles other than Regalia. I think it’s much better to  have the Regalia that you’ve been traveling with go flying rather than to simply throw in an airship just because it’s Final Fantasy.


Q: Any means of operation for the PS4’s Touchpad?

A: We have special plans regarding the DualShock 4, but these have not been implemented.


Q: What about anything for VR?

A: We are interested in VR, and we’ve done all kinds of different tests and such since over a year ago. If anything makes us say “this can work” then we’ll think about offering it. As far as VR goes, rather than making it a limited experience, we’re thinking of having it be a new kind of experience.


Q: Will a PC version be released?

A: If we had plans for a PC release, then we’d want to release it as closely as possible to the console versions. However, since we didn’t have any plans for it, there won’t be one releasing closely to the PC version. When we develop and research in the DirectX 11 generation, all the work goes into the console version. After release, we plan to do some research on a PC version while considering higher specs.


Q: Are there any plans on making the Final Fantasy XV universe as a base for Final Fantasy XVI?

A: None. It’ll only be for Final Fantasy XV.


Q: What about spinoffs or other titles that are part of the same world?

A: One of Final Fantasy XV’s goals is to have as many people possible to try it out. Should there be content that could help with that, then it may be possible. We’ve put everything into consideration that can be done to optimize and make Final Fantasy XV into something better.


Q: What about the Japanese version’s voice cast for Kingsglaive?

A: We have quite a luxurious lineup. There are some very influential voice figures in charge.


Q: What about any plans for DLC?

A: We are thinking about them. The objective is to have people that purchase Final Fantasy XV get to enjoy it for longer. There are free DLCs, and considering that production does have its costs, there are also some paid ones, too. However, the content has not been decided on yet. If we were to make an announcement at such a stage, even if it were the players, there may be some situations where it wouldn’t be positively received. Therefor, once we’re at a stage where we’ve done proper preparations and we feel that we have something good to provide, we will formally make announcement. We are thinking of things that will make you happy to have purchased Final Fantasy XV for a long time.


Final Fantasy XV will release worldwide on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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