Final Fantasy XV Plans For More DLC After The Six Announced, Won’t Be Covered By Season Pass

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We previously got a look at the six DLCs that were revealed for Final Fantasy XV, which includes episodes that make Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto playable. In an interview with Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata shared more on DLC plans.


Square Enix announced the six DLCs along with a Season Pass the other day. Famitsu asks if the production for those DLCs is currently being held off for the time being.


“Yes, that’s right. And of course, we’ve already planned out the DLCs,” said Tabata. “We’re currently rearranging the schedule for everything to go along with the delay of the main game, so I can’t say much more in detail for now.”


Famitsu asks if the six DLC is all we’re getting as far as DLC goes.


“That won’t be all,” answered Tabata. “The ones that we’ve announced are the ones were decided that we’ll certainly do.”


With the Season Pass covering the six DLC that were announced the other day, Famitsu asks if that means those who purchase the Season Pass will need to separately purchase any future DLC beyond the initial six.


“Yes. Should we decide on DLC that isn’t included in the Season Pass that is currently selling, then that’s how it’ll be. Although there are still many parts that are uncertain,” said Tabata.


Famitsu shared their thoughts on the matter saying they feel that many have already made the purchase, so having an option to upgrade later might be nice. They then ask about the alternate costumes we got to see recently and if there are plans to add more via DLC.


“But of course. not only costumes, but we also plan on increasing the cooking repertoire as well,” shared Tabata. “That said, our priority is to polish up the main game for the time being. Once we get some wiggle room, then I believe we’ll get to seriously work on development for DLC and VR content. And by the way, the Season Pass, and the episodic DLC that were announced along with, are different from the VR content.



Famitsu mentioned that they thought the VR content from E3, featuring Prompto, would be his DLC episode after hearing about it.


“Ah yes. What was shown at E3 was just something for VR, and it’ll be separate from the upcoming DLC,” said Tabata.


Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check our previous report for some details from Tabata on how the game will be open-world in the first half and linear in the second.

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