Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Gets The Sims 4 Costumes


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Half-Life attire is not the only cross-over costume that will be available in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. There will also be The Sims 4 outfits for people who purchase it through Origin. Early adopters of the game who buy it from EA’s distribution service before May 1, 2018 will get Llama Suits and Plumbobs. This is in addition to a special Noctis outfit for people who own The Sims 4and a Final Fantasy XV Decal Selection for the Regalia in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition.


The Sims 4 Llama Suit is a superhero outfit that can be worn by Noctis in the single player portion of the game or by a male or female avatar in the Comrades expansion. Likewise, the green Plumbob is the iconic symbol that allows people to know which Sim they are controlling in The Sims series and will be able to be used as an accessory with either Noctis or a Comrades character.


The Noctis outfit for The Sims 4 is available starting March 8, 2018. Those who purchase Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will get a crowned prince Noctis Lucis Caelum outfit for the PC version of The Sims 4. No end date was offered for this promotion.


Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will come to PCs on March 6, 2018. Final Fantasy XV is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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