Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Update Allows Players To Swap Noctis For An Avatar

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Square Enix has announced a new patch for Final Fantasy XV Windows Version that allows people to change Noctis’ appearance, share User Photos, and acquire Official or User Treasure. After installing the update, people have access to all of these features.


Once Final Fantasy XV Windows Version is updated, Avatara will appear in different places in the game. She is dressed as Kenny Crow, so it is not too difficult to find her. After you talk to her, you can swap between Noctis or avatars. If you play as an avatar, you can see other people’s avatars on the field as ghosts.




The User Photo function allows you to share and see photos, as well as earn rewards for people liking your pictures. When you take a picture, you can share it at the place where it was taken. You can like the photos from other people.


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There are now two kinds of treasure in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. One is Official Treasure, which is left by Square Enix. These look like blue crystals. Players will get an announcement when one is in the game, and you can get it once each day. (The location changes each time.) User Treasures are represented by yellow crystals. Both you and the person who finds your treasure get the item. Only one User Treasure can be placed by a person each day.


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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is immediately available.

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