Final Fantasy XVI Clip Shows Ifrit Fighting Typhon

Final Fantasy XVI Clip Shows Ifrit Fighting Typhon

While the PAX East 2023 presentation involved quite a bit of footage, Square Enix still had more to show from its new Final Fantasy entry today. There’s a new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay clip, and it features the Eikon Ifrit and Typhon. The fight is designed to show what it is like when Clive taps into the power of Ifrit to face off against the recurring character from the Final Fantasy series. While brief, it also offers more insight into what these match-ups will be like.

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As Clive is the Dominant of Ifrit, we don’t actually see him in this Final Fantasy XVI Typhon fight. Rather, we see only Ifrit approach the opponent. Both have life bars at the top of the screen, as you might expect in a fighting game. In the bottom right corner, the UI shows some of the attacks Ifrit is capable of. There’s a standard attack and jump, as well as Fireball and Wildfire.

We also see that Ifrit is able to perform a Precision Dodge to avoid one of Typhon’s attacks in Final Fantasy XVI. He is then able take advantage of that quick maneuvering to follow that up with a Precision Counter. That chains into a combo, which includes a Fireball Burst attack and Backdraft Finish.

Here’s the full footage from the fight.

It appears Typhon could be one of the Eikons in the game, based on this footage. The known Eikons so far include Bahamut, Garuda, Ifrit, Odin, Phoenix, Ramuh, Shiva, and Titan.

Final Fantasy XVI will come to the PS5 on June 22, 2023. There will be a six-month exclusivity period.

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