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Final Fantasy XVI in Final Stages of Development says Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XVI Final Stages of Development

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that the title is in its final stages of development. Yoshida revealed this information in a Final Fantasy 35th anniversary pamphlet that was released as part of the collaboration with UNIQLO. While touching on the development of Final Fantasy XVI, he also reveals that the narrative for the title is fleshed out. Additionally, Yoshida states that the team hopes to deliver a comprehensive and immersive single-player experience. [Thanks, aitaikimotchi!]

Yoshida also shares that he hopes Final Fantasy XVI will reinvigorate the passion fans previously had with the series, specifically those that have gravitated away from Final Fantasy. You can read a full translation of his comment from the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary pamphlet below.

In December 2021, Yoshida revealed that development on the title had been delayed and that new information would appear in Spring 2022. The reason for the delay was due to the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19. In a full statement, Yoshida shared detailed information as to what had been impacted, such as the outside development of resources, and why updates on the game had gone silent. At the time, he mentioned the team was putting the final touches on cutscenes and refining combat elements for Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PlayStation 5.

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