Final Fantasy XVI Tonberry Hexer Enemies Shown in DLC Screenshots
Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI Tonberry Hexer Enemies Shown in DLC Screenshots

We have a better idea of how the Tonberry enemies will look in Final Fantasy XVI, thanks to new DLC screenshots from Square Enix. They appear alongside an unnamed opponent in a new Mysidia location in the game. 

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The four new screenshots from the Final Fantasy XVI DLC are taken at the The Aire of Hours location in Mysidia. In one of them, we see a new location that is encircled by a blue force field. The other three are taken from a boss fight. That’s where we get to see Clive up against the Final Fantasy XVI Tonberry Hexers. There appear to be four of them in the screenshot, and they are accompanying a larger, unnamed, armored opponent. The final two images from Square Enix offer closer looks at this foe. 

Here’s a full gallery of the new screenshots Square Enix shared with us on social media.

It seems like we will see this take on the classic Final Fantasy Tonberry only in the one location in Mysidia. The other screenshots shared so far didn’t show them lurking about in the images. Instead, we saw Clive in a lush, clean, grassy area. There were also images showing a blue light that seemed to be coming from a crystalline area. 

As a reminder, this new area will look very different from the ones we explored alongside Clive in the main game. This is because the new region is one that appears to be completely unaffected by the Blight that is taking over the rest of the world. 

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PS5, and its The Rising Tide DLC will debut on April 18, 2024. The game will also eventually come to PCs.

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