Final Fantasy XV’s Magic Includes Spreading Fire, Blizzard, And Thunder


ffxv fire explode

One of the biggest focuses in the Final Fantasy XV January ATR was on magic. Noctis and his party are able to use magic, thanks to the planet’s elemental energy. This report talked about the three kinds of magic, fire, thunder, and blizzard. The range has been narrowed to help increase their sense of purpose and go for quality over quantity. Though, there is also ring magic. Elemental magic is available from the start, but ring magic becomes available later.


Magic effects vary based on the weather and environment. Thunder has to do with electricity, so it’ll be stronger in the rain. Using an ice spell in an area with a lot of water will cause water in the area to freeze. If you target flammable items with fire, surrounding items will catch fire. Examples mentioned were grass or nearby shacks. If things get burned, they stay burned for a bit, but will eventually go back to its normal state. The idea is to encourage people to use magic spells in different areas to experiment and see what happens.


Magic is actually a sort of item, an element and energy you can gather. The magic you create from the energy is stored in your inventory. It can also be equipped to a weapon in battle.


Ring magic only appears after a certain point in the movie. A light spell was mentioned.


Also, Toad will return as a spell. Enemies can turn Noctis and his party into toads with these spells.

Jenni Lada
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