Final Fantasy’s New Portal App Lets You Play FF VIII’s Triple Triad



Square Enix recently held a media event called “Final Fantasy for Smartphone 2015 – New Titles Exhibit” where they showed off what to expect from their mobile department. 4Gamer shows us more about their new Final Fantasy Portal App.


Producer Shinji Hashimoto made an appearance to talk about the app during the announcement, and said now that the Final Fantasy series is available through various platform such as consoles, PC, and smartphone.


Additionally, the series has all kinds of content in other forms of media, such as publication, music, and more. Since that’s quite a lot of Final Fantasy to keep up with, Square Enix have decided to work on the Final Fantasy Portal App.


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The idea behind the Final Fantasy Portal App is to provide fans with information on all-things Final Fantasy. It’ll have everything from the latest on Final Fantasy XV to details on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s latest updates.


There will also be extra content such as interviews from Square Enix developers and you can also check out where your favorite characters rank in the popularity polls.


However, the best extra little content is probably the addition of the Triple Triad card game:



The Tirple Triad feature will be free-to-play in the app, and best of all, your cards will be shared from the app and in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn once the feature gets added along with the Gold Saucer.


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The Final Fantasy Portal App is expected to launch in Japan sometime this winter for Android and iOS.

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