Final Tales of Crestoria Trailer Offers Some Insight Into How Its Heroes ‘Sinned’

final tales of crestoria trailer

The worldwide Tales of Crestoria release is drawing nearer, and Bandai Namco is getting people ready with all sorts of new insights on the mobile game. For example, after remaining mostly quiet about it in 2020, the company revealed a June 2020 launch window for it on April 24, 2020. Now, the final Tales of Crestoria trailer has been released and goes over exactly how our main characters, Kanata and Misella, have “sinned” so greatly that the world is after them.

This Tales of Crestoria trailer begins by setting up the world and helping people understand what it is Kanata and Misella might have done that was so “wrong.” Everyone wears vision orbs that shows their actions and condemns them if people vote and determine they committed a crime. Kanata’s father, the head of a village, ran an orphanage and Misella was one of the children living there. They committed some sort of sin, particularly Misella in the name of saving Kanata. People voted and determined them transgressors, so now the official enforcers are hunting them both down.

The rest of the video is dedicated to some of the different skills and Tales of Crestoria gameplay we’ll see involving not only Kanata and Misella, but fellow party members Vicious, Aegis, Yuna, and Orwin. After that, the Administrators of World Order Machina and Kasque are shown.

Tales of Crestoria will come to Android and Apple iOS devices in June 2020. A May 2020 closed beta is also planned. It was first announced back in September 2018.

Jenni Lada
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