Finally, Japanese Karaoke Boxes Let You Sing The Mario Theme Now


Joysound, a Japanese karaoke box broadcaster, now includes the Super Mario Bros. theme tune as part of its catalog (thanks RocketNews).


This means that, yes, you can sing Mario at karaoke. But it doesn’t have any lyrics, does it? That’s where you’re wrong.


The song is officially called “Go, Go Mario!” and includes lyrics submitted by fans of the Japanese radio program Takao Komine All Night Nippon way back in 1985. Plus, while singing, the video displays a montage of clips from across 18 Mario games – from the original up until this year’s Mario Maker.


As RocketNews points out, the first two lines of the song as seen in Joysound’s teaser video (above) go: Mario runs and runs happily again today / Let’s go, go save Princess Peach!

Chris Priestman