Find Curse Cures, Squirrel Girls, And Caring Dryads In Visual Novel Forest Fortress



Dale has wandered into a cursed forest while searching for answers about a strange disease afflicting his village, but may find himself sidetracked by the various magical women he meets in Forest Fortress.




Dale will first meet Rika, a squirrel girl who tries to warn him of the dangers of the forest just a little too late. Players will also meet Olly, a kind-hearted Dryad who may also help him along his way. However, both of them may be influenced by the corruption that has affected the woods.


Players can make decisions along the course of the game that will lead them into romantic situations with the other characters, as well as dictate whether he finds the cure for his village or not. Players can choose to do good, or they can also steadily give in to the corrupting forces of the forest, taking the characters they meet along with them. This will lead to multiple endings for the game.




Forest Fortress is looking to add even more characters and romance options should it raise more than its Kickstarter funding goal. A demo is available for players who wish to get to know the girls now, and can be downloaded from the game’s Greenlight campaign site.


Forest Fortress is projected to release in October of this year.

Alistair Wong
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