Find Hidden Summer Clothes In Final Fantasy Type-0’s Demo

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In just a few hours, Square Enix will release a demo for Final Fantasy Type-0 on Japan’s PlayStation Store. Before you download it make sure you have PSP firmware 6.39 or higher and 339MB of free space on a memory stick.

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Producer Hajime Tabata notes the demo has been tweaked since it was first shown to the public. Expect hard fights because enemies are at a much higher level than your party. The demo also has camera program tweaks and just for the Natsubi demo, summer clothes items. Players can find summer outfits for all fourteen characters hidden in the demo and transfer this data to the retail version when it comes out on October 13.


The team of characters you control in Final Fantasy Type-0 are from Class 0 of the Suzaku academy. Here’s a quick refresher before the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo releases.



Weapon: Cards

Ace specializes in card attacks. He gives the impression of being a “cool” type of character and can also be reckless. At his core, Ace is a gentle person.




Weapon: Sword

Dignified and wise, like the sword she bears, Queen is a straight as an arrow that doesn’t permit unfairness.




Weapon: Spear

Frank, and with a one-track mind, Nine tends to see the world in black-and-white and has a rude manner of speaking.



Machina Kunagiri

Weapon: Rapier

Machina is a new transfer to Class 0, alongside Rem. He’s said to be one of Suzaku’s extremely talented students. Machina’s kind-hearted and faces forward, despite the horrors of war.



Rem Tokimiya

Weapon: Daggers

A new trainee and Machina’s childhood friend, Rem has an outstanding talent for magic and is a kind person of high morals. 




Weapon: Dual-pistols

King wields dual-revolvers and is good at thinking on his feet. A stoic man of few words, he dislikes uselessness and gives off a cold impression, but is actually rather kind.




Weapon: Scythe

Sice isn’t good with words and has a tendency to say harsh things a little too plainly, but she has a good handle on the concept of right and wrong.




Weapon: His bare hands (and feet). OSU!

Eight has the ability to size up situations quickly and has the tendency of being a sore loser. He chooses to fight with his fists and dislikes weapons as he feels those snatch people’s lives.



Class 0 also houses Jack, Deuce and Seven, who you can read about in this post. The Type-0 demo will allow you to play as Ace, King, Queen, Machina, Rem, Nine and Sice. You can read more details about the demo here.

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