Find Out How To Play 3D Survival Tactics Game Overland With This Video

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Finji has released a video to explain what its upcoming 3D survival tactics game Overland is all about. It’s due to come out for Windows and Mac in 2016.


Overland is the next game from the creator of Canabalt and has you guiding survivors on a road trip through a ruined North America. You have to scavenge for fuel, weapons, and other supplies in order to survive while avoiding the sound-sensitive creatures that will hunt you down.


The game is split into two. Encounters take place on a tactical grid from where you can interact with the environment and battle. While Interludes relay to the bigger strategic game and have you making big decisions, typically around a campfire, such as where to travel next and what resources to take.


Encounters in the game are randomly generated in order to keep you on your toes. Dangers, hidden rewards, and unexpected surprises are all in waiting as you move from area-to-area. This is why every move you make is crucial and will determine how well you fare in later stages.


“Should you save up fuel for that long detour up ahead? You can find solid upgrades there, but stockpiling gasoline is a risky maneuver,” reads the game’s description. “What do you do when there’s only one seat left in the vehicle? Do you take a healthy passenger with no particularly useful profession? Or do you try to save the wounded specialist? Maybe there’s a medkit at the next stop. Maybe there isn’t.”


Find out more about Overland on its website.

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