Find Shelter (And More) With A Pair Of Nuns In Yuri VN Once On A Windswept Night

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A travelling merchant finds herself in dire trouble while on a journey, and is only saved when she stumbles across a mysterious church and a pair of kind nuns in yuri visual novel Once On A Windswept Night.




The travelling merchant had set out to reach a large annual market, but was double crossed by a goblin and left for dead. That is when she finds a strange church, meeting the pair of nuns who attend to it. The merchant will seek answers as to why there is such a melancholy atmosphere around the place, having one night to find the answer and maybe get a little closer to the nuns who live there.




Once On A Windswept Night is a short visual novel that was created for Yuri Game Jam 2016, and is available for free on

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