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Finishing Moves Make You Even Stronger In Killer is Dead


    When Killer is Dead protagonist, Mondo Zappa, isn’t out seducing attractive women or getting a peek at their undergarments using his see-through sunglasses, he’s out fighting enemies, and lots of them. Now, Kadokawa Games have introduced some combat features in the game.


    In combat, Mondo will be using his beloved katana, called Gekkou, which has the ability to absorb blood from his enemies. You can start out by continuously performing combos. The more combos you do, the higher the combo level increases. Once it reaches the max level, you’ll have a choice of four different finisher moves, called Final Judgment.


    The four finishers will grant items with bonus effects such as Health Gauge increase, Blood Gauge increase, health recovery and skill level up. The items acquired depend on which finishers you use.


    Here’s a look at the four Final Judgment finishers.




    The Assassination finisher involves Mondo taking out an enemy with a swift cut to the throat from behind. Doing so will get you the Bloody Rose item, which is used to increase the Blood Gauge level.




    The Slaughter finisher is when Mondo lifts an enemy and slams them against the floor. The Hellsgem can be acquired with this finisher, which increases Mondo’s Health Gauge.






    Punishment is the Final Judgment attack where Mondo uses his left-arm, to shoot down an enemy from point-blank range. Using this finisher will get you the Wire Synapse item, which recovers Mondo’s health.




    Finally, the Execution finisher is where Mondo will use the Gekkou to pierce his enemies through their throats. Doing so will get you the Moon Crystal, which is used to power-up his skills.



    Additionally, you can also get the Energy Core (above) by taking out enemies called Wires. This item will recover Mondo’s Blood Gauge.


    Mondo will have plenty of skills to take out Wires and other enemies around him. Some of these skills include the Gekkou Renewal, which temporarily cancels out the katana’s limits, allowing you to attack at high speed with enhanced power. The Healing ability uses blood in exchange for health recovery. They also say that there’s another skill that automatically recovers your health.




    Killer is Dead is slated to be released on this Summer for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America.

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