Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem: Awakening Has A First-Person Mode For Battles


In Fire Emblem, when two units face off, they’re taken to a battle screen where they trade blows. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, you’re given a few options to liven the experience up a bit.


The first is camera control. You can allow the camera to pan however it wishes around the two (or three, if you have support) characters, or you can have it stay still, covering both characters as they trade blows like in previous Fire Emblem games.



The other is the option to have the camera switch to first person, where it moves along with your character as though you yourself are performing the actions. Take a look at the video above, where this is demonstrated.


If you’re using a character like Chrom, who leaps in with a sword to strike his opponent, you’ll see the sword flash across the screen as he jumps forward. Or, if you’re using Frederick, who rides horseback, you’ll see the back of the horse’s head in your screen as well, as demonstrated above.


Finally, in battle, you can also pause the fighting sequence, fast-forward it to 2x the speed, or slow it to half the normal speed.