Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Story Still Unfolding With Third Drama CD



It’s been a while since Fire Emblem: Awakening (And I am shamed to admit that I am only still halfway through the game… Gotta grind that All-Galeforce party!) but in Japan at least, the story ain’t over. The third drama CD will be released this month, fleshing out the tale of Lucina and her band of soldiers as they desperately attempt to re-awaken the dragon God Naga and defeat the Fell Dragon Grima.


*SPOILER WARNING* Players of the game might remember that Lucina and her troops are all the children of your initial bunch of characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. They tell the story of a dark alternate future where Grima reigns supreme, and their attempt to return in time to stop this history from coming to pass. This drama CD fleshes out that backstory with plenty of spoilers. *END SPOILERS*


If you somehow missed the last two, they’re available on Amazon (Vol 1 and Vol 2)


Volume 3 comes with 10 drama track narrations:


1) Back of the Falchion

2) Deferring the Departure

3) Respective Selections

4) Parting Bonds

5) The Evil Dragon Attacks

6) Iris’s Fall

7) After the Tragedy

8) At the Promised Place

9) The Last Night

10) The Soul is Always Joined


Pretty bleak, so don’t say you weren’t warned listening to the heart-rending storyline. The CD goes on sale October 1st.


And, just for kicks, who was your favorite character in the game? I completely fell in love with the adorable Nowi. Who doesn’t want to be an adorable, thousand-year old kid on the battlefield. Just because we happen to turn into a dragon doesn’t mean anything!