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Fire Emblem Echoes’ Timeline Goes Back 3,000 Years Before The Story



Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia’s official Japanese website was recently updated, adding tons of new information about the upcoming 3DS reimagining of Fire Emblem Gaiden. Among that new information was a timeline looking back 3,000 years into the game’s timeline.


Here’s a look at a translation of the timeline which gives more backstory behind the Rigelian and Zofian war, courtesy of SerenesForest.


Approximately 3000 years before the story


At the land of Valentia, the sibling gods Duma and Mila went to war. At the end of an arduous battle, Duma and Mila divided Valentia into two, the north ruled by Duma and the south ruled by Mila, with the two declaring to never invade the other. This was the covenant of the gods.


Year 1: A sage with knowledge of the celestial bodies’ motions introduced the notion of a calendar system to Mila, who acknowledged it. This year was chosen as the first year of the Valentia Calendar.


Year 189: The Rigelian Empire was established in the northern region ruled by Duma and the Kingdom of Zofia was built on the southern lands ruled by Mila.


Year 374: The young Rudolf was appointed as the successor of the Rigelian Empire’s Emperor Rigel III. He ascended as Emperor Rudolf I.


Year 384: King Lima III of Zofia perished. Although his eldest son Lima IV was crowned, he had little interest in politics and the villainous Dozer secured the position of Chancellor.


Year 398: Poor harvests caused the food-stocks of the Rigelian Empire to run dry. Rigel’s request for assistance from Zofia were met with rejection. Rudolf I himself led the troops to invade Zofia. Rigel and Zofia entered all-out war.


Year 399: The inexperienced Zofian army were repeatedly defeated by the overwhelming Rigelian forces and Rigel steadily crept into Zofian territory. Desaix managed to contact the upper echelon of the Rigelian Army and negotiated a cease-fire in exchange for a large compensatory sum of gold. The Rigelian Army remained garrisoned in Northern Zofia and tensions continued to grow.


Year 400: Desaix triggered a coup d’etat, and the Zofian royal family including Lima IV were assassinated one after the other. The Deliverance was established by the Zofian nobility who opposed Desaix, with Clive as its leader.



In addition to the timeline, more information was shared about the Alm and Celica amiibos and how they would interact with the game. Previously, we had reported that the two amiibos would unlock a special dungeon in the game. However, Alm and Celica’s unit data can also be stored to their respective amiibo. Also, any type of amiibo can be scanned using the “Summon Amiibo” ability, which will then summon a “phantom warrior” into the game with stats dependant on the particular amiibo’s written data.


Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will release for the Nintendo 3DS on April 20th in Japan and on May 19th internationally.