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Fire Emblem Engage Four Winds Version of Marni is Polite

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Nintendo released information on Marni, or Madeline, as she will appear in the Fell Xenologue DLC for Fire Emblem Engage. This is a parallel version of Marni from the base game. Instead of being an enemy and one of the Four Hounds, she is Alear’s ally and one of the Four Winds.

Marni’s starting class will be a General. Though she has poor Speed, she more than makes up for it with her Defense and Attack stats. Like other Heavy Armor classes in the game, though, she will likely have fairly low Magic Defense. That means that she will have to stay away from mages.

Ruriko Aoki will reprise her role as Marni. Aside from voicing Marni in Fire Emblem Engage, Aoki also previously appeared as Riina Tada in The Idolmaster CInderella Girls and Touko Aozaki in Witch on the Holy Night. In the short clip that the Fire Emblem Twitter uploaded, she talks in a very polite and modest manner.

The Fell Xenologue DLC will be part of Wave 4 of Fire Emblem Engage’s Expansion Pass. You will be able to use Lady Nel and Nil, along with other members of the Four Winds. The game will also set up restrictions on your characters’ starting classes and levels, essentially meaning that you will not be able to use the army that you’ve raised throughout the game in this DLC.

Fire Emblem Engage is readily available for the Nintendo Switch. The Fell Xenologue DLC will launch on April 5, 2023.

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