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Fire Emblem Engage Has About 650 Support Conversations, 1,300 Bond Ones

Fire Emblem Engage Has About 650 Support Conversations, 1,300 Bond Ones

The final part of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Engage interview series went over both Support and Bond conversations present in the game. Intelligent Systems Director Tsutomu Tei also confirmed a range of how many people can see in the game. He noted “there are about 650 conversations” when it comes to general supports, then “about 1,300 conversations” for Emblem character Bond events. He also reiterated that these are fully voiced.

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Here is Tei’s full quote from the interview when discussing the number of character combinations and Support conversations in Fire Emblem Engage.

We couldn’t manage to create one for all character combinations, but there are about 650 conversations between the characters. And we have prepared Bond conversations for all Emblems, which is about 1,300 conversations. There’s quite a lot of content there for those who want to listen to every conversation. (Laughs)

Tei also confirmed that people will only experience one route in the game. As a reminder, both Fire Emblem Fates and Three Houses featured multiple storylines.

Since this game’s story doesn’t branch out into multiple storylines, I hope players will enjoy choosing the pairs they like and strengthening their favorite characters to their heart’s content.

In past installments in this series, the team revealed Alear and Celine were the first characters designed and Alear was designed to be a relatable protagonist.

Fire Emblem Engage will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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