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Fire Emblem Engage Will Have Outfit Customization, amiibo Outfits

fire emblem engage customization

There will be clothing customization options in Fire Emblem Engage for everyone in your party, as well as amiibo support. However, it appears that your customization settings will only appear when they are in Somniel. Somniel will be Fire Emblem Engage‘s main hub where you prepare for battle or interact with your army.

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In Somniel, you can go to the accessory shop to make clothes and accessories for your characters. In order to buy one, you need to offer both gold and accessories. However, once you make an accessory, it’s available for everyone in your army. The Fire Emblem Japanese Twitter account noted that there are some exceptions to this rule. As you progress through the story, you will unlock more accessories to make.

The last game before Fire Emblem Engage to have outfit customization was Fire Emblem Fates. You could wear the changes into battle in that game, though. If you participated in castle battles, accessories would increase the damage a character deals or reduce damage a character takes. It is unknown if a similar mechanic will exist in Fire Emblem Engage.

As for the amiibo support, you can amiibos to access the outfits of past characters, as well as songs from previous Fire Emblem titles, in Engage. In the video, Alear wore the outfits of Lucina (Fire Emblem Awakening) and Micaiah (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn). You have to exchange tickets for the outfits and tracks.

Fire Emblem Engage is in development for the Nintendo Switch and it will come out on January 20, 2023. During The Game Awards 2022, we got a look at some of the DLC that will be in the game, which includes the three main characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

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