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Fire Emblem Engage’s Kagetsu is a Swordmaster

Fire Emblem Engage Kagetsu

Kagetsu is the latest Fire Emblem Engage character to be introduced as part of the official Twitter account’s near-daily roster reveals. He is a royal knight of Elusia, a nation in Elyos’ northeast. He’s also a retainer to the Elusian Crown Princess Ivy. Ivy was introduced earlier leading an attack upon Brodia.

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Kagetsu is described as energetic, friendly, and considerate. He also carries himself with a distinct, foreign manner, owing perhaps to his upbringing in a “secluded region.”

Notably, the term “secluded region” uses the same Japanese characters (“秘境”) as the “Deeprealm” from Fire Emblem Fates. In Fates, the Deeprealms were essentially alternative dimensions where time flowed at an accelerated rate. Children born to characters in Fates would be raised within the Deeprealms to ensure their safety. The Deeprealms also provided a convenient narrative mechanism allowing the children of two characters to join their parents’ generation in battle fully grown. It is unknown if Fire Emblem Engage will use the Deeprealm concept in the same way, or if the term alignment is a simple coincidence.

In Fire Emblem Fates, Kagetsu is voiced by Takehito Koyasu. Koyasu also voiced Ozymandias in Fate/Grand Order, Dio in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and numerous Fire Emblem characters, like Lon’qu, Validar, and Niles.

In Fire Emblem Engage Kagetsu’s initial class is Swordmaster. Swordmasters are melee experts that can unleash powerful techniques with the blade, while deftly avoiding enemy strikes.

Another clip also shows Kagetsu in conversation with his liege, Ivy.

In the clip, Kagetsu shows off his strange predictive sense by accurately guessing what’s for dinner (fried chicken). He’s unsatisfied by Ivy’s reaction, and chastises his mistress, saying her lack of enthusiasm suggests she doesn’t find chicken dinner to be a winner. She remarks that his seeming precognition is perfectly accurate, but only for predicting pointless trivialities. Though he’s proud of the talent, she calls the ability “creepy”.

Fire Emblem Engage launches on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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