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Fire Emblem Engage’s Pandreo is a Fun-Loving Priest

Fire Emblem Engage Pandreo

The latest character trailer for Fire Emblem Engage

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introduced Pandreo, a Priest from Elyos’ southeastern Kingdom of Solm. Pandreo is the retainer to Fogado, First Prince of the Kingdom and younger brother to Crown Princess Timerra. Pandreo is voiced in Japanese by Genki Okawa, who plays Alecdora Sandler in Black Clover, Gaap Goemon in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, and Tasuhiro Nome in B-Project.

In Fire Emblem Engage Pandreo is described as “fun-loving” and is always thinking of the next feast or party to show up at. Despite this frivilous outward presentation, his piety and sincerity as a member of the clergy is genuine.

Pandreo’s “party boy” energy is demonstrated in a clip of a conversation between him and Fogado.

In the Fire Emblem Engage clip, Pandreo tries mightily to get his liege to celebrate a win more enthusiastically. This meets with limited success, as the “Waaaay!” cheer (a stereotypical party boy noise in anime) clashes with Fogado’s personality.

In combat, Pandreo begins Fire Emblem Engage as a High Priest, a class that hasn’t been seen since the Super Famicom/SNES-era Thracia 776 and Genealogy of the Holy War. In those games it was an upgraded version of the ubiquitous Priest class. However, in Engage, the High Priest branches off from the new Martial Monk class. Like the Priest class, the High Priest supports and heals allies with magic, and typically uses staves as its main weapon type. Its lineage as part of the Martial Monk line lends it some capacity with Brawling skills (renamed to “Body Arts” in Engage).

Fire Emblem Engage launches on the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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