Fire Emblem Fan Hack Turns Into Full Indie RPG Kickstarter With Path Of The Midnight Sun


Back in 2014, developer Alfred Kamon and his team announced that they were working on an ambitious Fire Emblem fan hack titled Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun, which would have original characters, world, and story. While that project was sadly halted, Kamon is now bringing back the story and character concepts back for an original RPG titled Path of the Midnight Sun.

The story takes place on the continent of Arvium, where long ago the leaders of the five great countries devised a solution to contain the immortal Demon King’s power so that it may never harm others again – bind its power into human vassals. It was a temporary solution, but Arvium would know peace between the years that the Demon King would finally break out of its vassals.

The current Vassal, Lady Faratras Hoikade, has contained the Demon King’s soul for nearly 21 years, and things have gotten peaceful once again. People believe He might be sealed for good, but destiny is in motion once more…


The game itself is an RPG which the creator describes as “a mix between Fire Emblem and Etrian Odyssey“. The turns you take in battles affect the map grid used to traverse through the world and dungeons, and enemies may draw near and reinforce your current enemies if you take too long. Meanwhile, the story is told in first-person from three characters’ perspectives, and takes upon the visual novel format.

Currently, Kamon and his team are crowdfunding on Kickstarter in hopes that enough people are interested in seeing this project come to fruition all the way from its roots as a Fire Emblem fangame. The project has until 5:58 AWST on December 22, 2019 (1:58pm PT on December 21, 2019) to raise at least 27,000 pounds. In just over 6 days, the game has seen huge support, and has been funded over 50%. You can find the Kickstarter page here.

Path of the Midnight Sun will be developed for PC if the project is successfully Kickstarted, with a projected December 2020 release window.

Alistair Wong
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