Fire Emblem Heroes’ 3-Part Event Brings More Orbs And 1.5x EXP Bonus Through April 3



Fire Emblem Heroes just kicked off a special event called the “Three-Part Starter Support Event.” It runs through April 3 and aims to help out new players as well as provide current players with more Orbs.


Part 1 of the Starter Support Event is currently up and will give out 2 Orbs as a log-in bonus each day through the duration of the event.. Part 2 begins March 20 and it’ll have Bonus maps that give out 3 Orbs each.


And finally, Part 3 of the Starter Support Event is a 1.5 EXP. While the campaign is active, players will earn 1.5x the normal EXP from Story Maps, Training Tower, Special Maps, and Arena. This will also be up until April 3. Now that they’ve added the Skill Inherit feature, now would be a pretty good time to grab some Orbs and level up characters. You can read more about what’s to come in April in our earlier report.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iPhone and Android.

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