Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary, A Hero Rises Headline February 2022 Feh Channel

fire emblem heroes 5th anniversary

The Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary celebration will bring with it a number of events and freebies for players. Among them? Log-in bonuses, new heroes and 2022’s A Hero Rises competition.

Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary log-in bonuses, which run through the first half of February 2022, include a total of 10 Orbs, 55 Trait Fruit and 555 Heroic Grails. Along the way, players will also grab 55 of each type of Dragonflower, a Celestial Stone and 55 Sacred Coins. An accompanying set of quests will include more Orbs, Coins, Dragonflowers, Summon Tickets and other materials.

A 5th Anniversary Grand Hero Party event will allow players to earn five-star versions of 14 Grand Hero Battle units through daily quests. Also happening again this year is a Special Hero Summon. With this, players can get a free Special Hero released in the past year by selecting a color and summoning a random one of that type.

Also included in the Feh Channel video were the new units added for the 2022 Fire Emblem Heroes Day of Devotion event. This year’s participants hail from Fire Emblem: Awakening. The roster includes Lucina, Owain, Female Robin, and a Duo Hero that pairs Chrom and Male Robin. Lissa will also join as a free Tempest Trials reward unit. Held as a seasonal Special Heroes update every February, Day of Devotion is the game’s Valentine’s Day equivalent. It often includes family members and canonical pairings.

A limited-time Hero Fest summoning event will include Three Houses‘ Yuri, Mythic Plumeria, Legendary Dimitri and Harmonized Catria & Thea. Legendary Hrid and Mythic Eir are the latest additions to the game’s Remix banners, earning new skills and upgraded special abilities. Finally, Special Heroes from the game’s early days are joining Special Hero summoning sessions as part of a new “four-star special” rate.

You can check out the full Feh Channel video presentation below. It includes a better look at the new units and more details on the anniversary event.

In the A Hero Rises 2022 competition, fan votes determine which existing units are part of a Voting Gauntlet event. Intelligent Systems will gift the winner of the in-game Gauntlet to all players. Players can vote once a day through February 8, 2022 at the A Hero Rises site.

The Feh Channel presentation also revealed the Choose Your Legends Round 6 winners: Chrom, Tiki, Seliph and Byleth.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and iOS devices.

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