Altina vs Sothis

Fire Emblem Heroes’ A Hero Rises Event’s Final Round Pits Altina Against Sothis

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During February 2020, Fire Emblem Heroes celebrated its third anniversary. One of the events that took place during it was the A Hero Rises event, during which players would vote for the best Heroes who were already in the game. This year was a little different, as the top eight units would be chosen to take place in a Voting Gauntlet to determine the winner, rather than only the first place unit being given out for free. The Voting Gauntlet has reached its final round as of with Altina vs Sothis as the final candidates.

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Back in February, Altina was voted the top most-popular unit in the game out of the eight that made it to the Voting Gauntlet, while Sothis was third. The others that participated in the Voting Gauntlet included Duo New Year’s Alfonse & Sharena, Legendary Leif, Legendary Azura, Christmas Sothis, Edelgard, and Legendary Alm. All these units are meta-defining strong units who would make for strong free picks, but Altina was voted the highest due to her strong enemy-phase playstyle and her ability to boost Astra season Blessed units in the competitive Aether Raids mode. Meanwhile, Sothis does the opposite and decreases score lost by losing on defense in Aether Raids. She is also one of the only Dragon units without a Dragon weakness.

As previously revealed, whoever wins this Voting Gauntlet gets to be given for free to all players. The final round of the Voting Gauntlet lasts until March 4, 2020.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on Apple iOS and Android.

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