Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Bridal Blessings Banner Rerun And Stance Skills Banner


    bridal blessings

    The new Bridal Bloom banner featuring Ninian, Tharja, and Sanaki is underway, and similar to the Spring Festival, last year’s Bridal Blessings banner has gotten a rerun. Furthermore, a new Stance Skills banner debuted last night.


    Bridal Blessings features Charlotte: Money Maiden, Caeda: Talys’s Bride (to go with Marth’s new groom look), Cordelia: Perfect Bride, and Lyn: Bride of the Plains.


    stance skills


    The new Stance Skills banner started last night, and features Morgan: Lass from Afar (with Mirror Stance 2), Shiro: Raw Talent (with Steady Stance 3), and Zelgius: Jet-Black General (with Fierce Stance 3).


    People looking for Zelgius might want to try their luck on this banner, while Morgan or Shiro seekers might have to prepare for the dangers of pulling on a shared color banner.


    tempest trial banner 0518

    tempest trials


    On a related note, the ‘Loki’s Flames’ Tempest Trials+ is currently underway, alongside the Tempest Trials banner, featuring regular Tharja, Ninian, Sanaki, and Marth. Like the previous Tempest Trials+, all the characters featured will give an extra 40% to score.


    marth groom

    Marth, Altean Groom is the Tempest Trials free unit that can be earned by earning a certain number of points in the Tempest Trials+.


    Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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