Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Friend Mock Battles, Discontinues Blessed Gardens In Upcoming Update

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Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have revealed the May update for Fire Emblem Heroes, and as usual it brings new weapon refines, new UI enhancements, as well as new features.


Check out the details below:

Friend Mock Battles

People playing Aether Raids have requested that they be able to play against their friends’ Defense Maps, and the upcoming update will add in the ability to do so by clicking Edit Aether Keep, Further Options, then clicking Friend Mock Battle. You are able to set whether you want to let others battle your team by turning on permissions, which will be added with the update.


Aether Raids

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Two new structures are being added to Aether Raids, being the Bright Shrine and Dark Shrine. At the start of your phase, the enemy with the highest value in certain stats will receive a debuff until the end of their next action. (up to –5)


Aether Resort

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A new icon will be added to show if you have daily or weekly special event R&R Affinity to earn. Additionally, more Aether Resort amenities are being added for the Inn facility.


New Weapons & Refines

feh update 6

Four characters are getting new weapons in the update that will also be available to further refine via the Weapon Refinery. Here are the units below:

  • Faye: Devoted Heart – Bow of Devotion
  • Lukas: Sharp Soldier – Daybreak Lance
  • Stahl: Viridian Knight – Panther Sword
  • Sully: Crimson Knight – Bull Spear


New Grail Shop units

Rutger: Lone Swordsman and Loki: Spring Trickster are being added to the Grail Shop and will be able to be exchanged for Heroic Grails.


Sacred Seal Menu UI Update

feh update 7

The upcoming update will allow players to list out the currently owned Sacred Seals by their icon rather than as a list. You can change between List and Icon by tapping the top right button.


Blessed Gardens

The final map for Blessed Gardens will be released on May 25, 2019, with the released maps staying available for people who haven’t challenged them yet.


Allegiance Battles

Beginning with the Season starting on May 27, 2019, the rewards for Allegiance Battles will be increased. Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water Blessings will be added as Ranking rewards, rotating between seasons. Orbs and Divine Dew are also being added as Score rewards, rotating between three separate reward seasons:

  • Hero Feathers only
  • Hero Feathers & Divine Dew
  • Hero Feathers & Orbs


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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