Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Genealogy Heroes Ares, Lene, And Ishtar On May 10


Fire Emblem Heroes revealed its next set of Heroes and they’re Ares, Lene, and Ishtar of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War later this week.


Here’s a trailer for the New Heroes (Genealogy):


And here are more details on Ares, Lene, and Ishtar along with a look at what they can learn at 5★:


Ares – Black Knight (CV: Robbie Daymond, Artist: PenekoR)


002 003

004 005


Lene – Yearning Dancer (CV: Faye Mata, Artist: Yoshiku)


010 011

012 013


Ishtar – Thunder Goddess (CV: Ratana, Artist: Suekane Kumiko)


006 007

008 009


A new story chapter “Hellfire” will also be available alongside the new Summoning Focus starting May 10, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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