Fire Emblem Heroes Mythic Altina

Fire Emblem Heroes Mythic Altina Banner Arrives November 28

Fire Emblem Heroes revealed its next Mythic Hero is coming soon with Mythic Altina from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn starting November 28, 2019.

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Check out the new trailer for Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade below:

Altina appears as a non-playable character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She’s one of Ashera’s Three Heroes and the founder of Begnion. She’s the first to wield Ike’s sword Ragnell and its sister blade Alondite wielded by the Black Knight. This marks her debut for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Next, here are more details for  Mythic Altina and her skills learnable at 5★:

Altina – Dawn’s Trueblade (CV: Krizia Bajos|Artist: Kita Senri)

Furthermore, Fire Emblem Heroes’ Mythic Altina is a flier with the “Ashera’s Chosen” ability that neutralizes any “effective against flying” bonuses. The key takeaway here is that she’s a flying unit, but that also makes me wonder what kind of mount will she ride.

The Altina: Dawn’s True blade banner starts on November 27 at 11:00pm PT/November 28 at 07:00 UTC. It ends on December 4 at 10:59pm PT/December 5 at 06:59 UTC.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android. Check our previous report for a look at how Book III comes to an end with a fearsome opponent. You can also check here for its recently added Heroes Larum, Perceval, Echidna, and Igrene.

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