Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Tethys, Gerik, Ewan, And An Ephraim + Lyon Duo On November 7



Fire Emblem Heroes revealed its next set of Heroes set to join the game as part of the “Desert Mercenaries” banner featuring Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones’ Tethys, Gerik, Ewan, And An Ephraim & Lyon Duo starting November 7.


You can check out the new trailer for the Desert Mercenaries banner below:


Below are details and a closer look at Tethys, Gerik, Ewan, Duo Ephraim, and their skills learnable at 5★:


Tethys – Beloved Dancer (CV: Jennifer Losi|Artist: tokki)

001 002 003 004

 2019-11-05_053856 2019-11-05_053902


Gerik – Desert Tiger (CV: Nathaniel Lane|Artist: Suekane Kumiko)

005 006 007 008



Ewan – Eager Student (CV: Andrew Buck|Artist: azu-taro)

012 009 010 011

2019-11-05_053936 2019-11-05_053940


Ephraim – Dynastic Duo (CV: Greg Chun + Mark P. Whitten| Artist: Yamada Kotaro)

013 014 015 016

2019-11-05_053959 2019-11-05_054004


The Desert Mercenaries banner starts on November 6, 2019 at 11:00pm PT and 07:00 UTC, ends on November 27 at 10:59pm PT and 06:59 UTC.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android. Check our previous report for the latest on update Ver. 3.11.0 and more.

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