Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 Begins by Giving Everyone Reginn

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 continues its main story campaign with an animated opening, and the contrast with previous books is striking. The video debuted during Nintendo Mobile’s December 7, 2020 Feh Channel, and the introduction places the player character and Alphonse in an industrialized, steampunk setting choked with clockwork and gears.

The new location in Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 is Niðavellir, the realm of dverger, and its inhabitants are technologically advanced folks able to fuse magic and science into Seiðjarn. The result are the Gullinbursti, mechanical armored centaur suits sporting powerful weapons, like missiles. The Gullinbursti is piloted by Reginn, the younger sister of King Fafnir and Prince Otr. Fafnir was once a beloved ruler, but has changed recently, leading the kingdom into an uncertain period, but the devoted Otr still remains by his brother’s side.

In addition to the new story content, the game is kicking off with a set of celebratory events. There’s a daily log-in event, new castle design, new Aether Raid structures, and rewards for clearing a number of active quests. Players that clear Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 will also receive Reginn: Bearing Hope, a 5-star hero.

Intelligent System also plumbed the series for some new heroes to add to the rosters. Duessel: Obsidian, Caellach: Tiger Eye, Selena: Flourspar, Knoll: Darkness Watcher, and Natasha: Sacred Healer will join the pool from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Knoll is available after clearing the Book 5 Begins quests, and Caellach joins after players clear his Grand Battle quest. The rest will be placed in the summoning pool.

Check out the new Fire Emblem Heroes characters’ moves in this trailer:

The latest update to the game also includes other changes, including adjustments to the summoning system. Appearance rates for 5-star heroes will be published at a glance on the summoning screen and will go up with every summon without a 5-star Hero appearing. The “pity rate” boost to 5-star summons will also not disappear completely now until a 5-star focus hero is summoned, making it easier to grab a specific character on a banner.

The Fire Emblem Heroes Book 5 campaign is live now, and the game is immediately available on iOS and Android devices. Check out the animated movie that closed out Fire Emblem Heroes Book 4 if you need to catch up.

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