Fire Emblem Heroes Book 7 Begins, Adds Seidr

Fire Emblem Heroes Book 7 Begins, Adds Seidr

The latest Feh Channel appeared on December 4, 2022. As expected, it announced Book 7’s story will be told in Fire Emblem Heroes and revealed new characters Seidr, Heidr, and Gullveig. Seider is the Realm of Light Vanaheimr’s god. The new book will appear on December 7, 2022, as will a banner with characters from Fire Emblem Fates. There are also new adjustments and features for existing modes coming in the update.

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First, here’s the Fire Emblem Heroes Book 7 movie that introduces Seidr and sets the stage for the new storyline. Not long after meeting Seidr and Heidr in the game, Heidr is taken by Gullveig. It will be up to players to save her. If you complete chapter 13 of book 7, you get the Seidr: Goddess of Hope unit.

As for the new banner, it will feature Caeldori, Dwyer, Seidr, and Rearmed Ophelia. Caeldori is a flier who uses lances. Dwyer is an infantry healer and the only character available as a four or five-star unit. Seidr is a cavalry unit who uses green tomes. This version of Ophelia is an infantry unit who wields red tomes.

In addition to those four, the Feh Channel confirmed Kiragi will appear as a colorless infantry archer. People can also get Hans, an infantry unit who wields an axe, from a Grand Hero Battle.

Finally, here’s the new Feh Channel going over all the game updates. Most notable is the Forma units people can get in Binding Worlds following the update. People can use the new Otherworld Bond item to recruit one hero they used in the mode. This will be a level 40, five-star unit with all its skills, but no Sacred Seal, and it will have its Dragonflowers maxed out.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for mobile devices, and Book 7 with new character Seidr will appear on December 7, 2022.

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