Fire Emblem Heroes’ “Choose Your Legend” Event Shows Ike And Lyn In The Top Spots



Last week, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem’s first smartphone game, Fire Emblem Heroes, would be headed to iOS and Android early next month. The game will feature tons of familiar faces from the series, as well as strategic battles.


Nintendo also began a “Choose Your Legend” event in which fans vote on which characters from the Fire Emblem series they would like to see appear in Heroes with special outfits. The contest has reached the halfway point, and Nintendo has shared the results so far over on their official Twitter. At this point, it shows that Ike from Path of Radiance and Lyn from The Blazing Blade are at the top for now, and the voting is set to end on January 31st. Additionally, anyone who participates in Choose Your Legend while signed in to a Nintendo Account will receive 200 Platinum Points for My Nintendo.



Fire Emblem Heroes will arrive for iOS and Android devices on February 2nd.