Fire Emblem Heroes Dancer Tips & Tricks With Lachesis, Ethlyn, Quan, and Sigurd

Fire Emblem Heroes Tips & Tricks for Lachesis, Ethlyn, Quan, and the duo Sigurd & Deirdre

Nintendo released a special Tips & Tricks video featuring the dancers from the new Special Heroes banner in Fire Emblem Heroes. The Special Heroes (To Stay Dreaming) banner features Lachesis, Ethlyn, Quan, and a duo Sigurd & Deirdre unit.

Check out the Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips & Tricks: Ballroom Dancing video below:

The video gives us an introduction for each of its featured Heroes, starting with the duo unit of Sigurd & Deidre. As a unit in Fire Emblem Heroes, Sigurd & Deirdre work as a magic tank that can offer their team a unique movement option with their Duo Skill that gives an ally another action in one turn. Next, we have Quan who is the first flying bow dance unit in the game. Quan actually works strategically as a mirror to Sigurd & Deirdre with his ability to boost strong Def instead of Res.

Following, we have Ethlyn, who is an extremely fast dancing unit that can prevent counters to her attacks thanks to her high Spd stats. Furthermore, when Ethlyn initiates combat, her Courtly Fan weapon increases her Atk and Spd while her skill “Windsweep” can block her foe from countering if she has higher Spd and the foe uses a physical attack.

Lastly, we have Lachesis, who is more of a traditional support dancing unit who can take hits when needed. She has a Cantrip skill to inflict debuffs to the Def stats on nearby foes, “Air Orders” to increase the movement options of flying allies, and a dagger effect that hits her target and other nearby foes with debuffs to Def and Res.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android. You can also check out the new Fire Emblem Heroes banner trailer featuring Lachesis, Ethlyn, Quan, and Sigurd.

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