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Fire Emblem Heroes Golden Week Bonuses and Reserve Barracks Revealed

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Nintendo shared a new Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel on April 25, 2021, going over all the additions and changes heading to the game. Some of them arrived rather promptly. For example, the Fire Emblem Heroes Golden Week bonuses already started rolling out. However, others are still on the way. For example, Legendary Sigurd will show up in a new banner, Legendary Gunnthra and Ryoma will get updates, and My Summoner will get added features. There will also be a new Fire Emblem Heroes Reserve Barracks system to handle extra characters.

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The Fire Emblem Heroes Golden Week festivities already kicked off. A login event is running until May 9, 2021. If someone logs in every day, they’ll learn 100 Dragonflowers, 50 Heroic Grails, and 50 Sacred Coins. There are also four Choose Your Legends Hero Fest banners available again. Each one has one free pull. In addition, there are Golden Week Quests that give you tickets for 20 free summons—five on each Legendary Hero Fest banner—if you defeat enemies with sword-bearing armored, cavalry, flying, and infantry units.

As far as the new heroes go, a few details were revealed about Legendary Sigurd and the Gunnthra and Ryoma changes. Legendary Sigurd will come wit Hallowed Tyrfing, which gives him +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res and lets him counter if the enemy he’s about to fight’s health is greater than 75%. He’ll also take 40% less damage from a foe’s first attack if he initiates the attack or the foe is a ranged unit. Sigurd also has Holy-Knight Aura, which lets him and his allies move one extra space if certain conditions are met. Legendary Gunnthra will get Atk/Res Solo 4 and Chilling Seal II on May 6, 2021. Meanwhile, Legendary Ryoma will get Atk/Spd Rein 3 and Bushido II that day.

As for people’s My Summoners, there will be new looks and weapons. People will have two new general base looks for the character. They will also be able to have their avatar use a red sword, red tome, blue spear, blue tome, green axe, green tome, or colorless tome as a weapon. They can visit Aether Resort soon too. Mjolnir’s Strike will also have an option to let the game automatically create the most high scoring team with units you have.

Finally, there’s the Fire Emblem Heroes Reserve Barracks feature. At the moment, people are capped at 300 units in the game and would have to send characters home or turn them into Combat Manuals if they had too many. After the update, people will be able to Move to Reserves from the Manage Barracks menu. There will be 10 Reserves, each with room for 100 units. You can then use the new Manage Groups option in Manage Barracks to take characters out of Reserves Barracks.

Here’s the full Fire Emblem Heroes April 2021 Feh Channel, which goes over Golden Week, Reserves Barracks, My Summoner changes, and other updates.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Its next Resplendent Hero will be Leif.

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