Fire Emblem Heroes’ Invisible Ties Tempest Trial Begins


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Fire Emblem Heroes players have a new Tempest Trial to participate in. This time, it is the Invisible Ties challenge. People have until March 29, 2018 to earn as many rewards as possible. In addition, a new Log-In Bonus has begin that will give away 12 Orbs over a 10-day period.


Fallen Heroes Robin is the boss of the Invisible Ties Tempest Trial. He is fought on a map that resembles the last one people fight on in Fire Emblem Awakening. Cheruche: Wyvern Friend, Donnel: Village Hero, Olivia: Blushing Beauty and Robin: Mystery Tactician are the +20% Bonus Allies. The +40% Bonus Allies are Chrom: Knight Exalt, Gerome: Masked Rider, Morgan: Lad from Afar and Morgan: Lass from Afar.


Gerome: Masked Rider is this Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trial reward unit. A four-star variant earned at the 2,000 score tier, and a five-star can be collected after reaching the 30,000 score tier. Other notable rewards include an Obstruct 1 seal at 12,000 points, a Res Ploy 1 seal at 20,000 points, a Fire Blessing at 25,000 points and a Def Tactic 1 seal at 40,000 points.


Gerome: Masked Rider comes with the Poleaxe and Poleaxe+ weapons, which are effective against cavalry units. He has Rally Defense, which can be upgraded to Rally Atk/Def. He also has the slot A Fortress Def skill and slot B Hit and Run skill.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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