Fire Emblem Heroes’ June Update Adds Accessories To Dress Up Your Heroes


june update 1

The Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter shared the contents of the June update for the app today, detailing weapon refinery updates, new features, and more.


june update 2

Accessories will be added to the game, and players can attach these to any preferred unit to have the accessories appear on the mini unit which appears on the map screens. Furthermore, the accessories will appear on the icon for your team in the Arena. These accessories will not affect stats in any way.


june update 3


A new ‘Breath of Fog’ weapon for Tiki: Dragon Scion, and Tiki: Naga’s Voice will be added in the June update. This weapon can be further refined in the Weapon Refinery.


Merric: Wind Mage and Linde: Light Mage will have a weapon refinery option added for their respective personal weapons, ‘Excalibur’ and ‘Aura’.


june update 4

The Allies menu will undergo a streamlining that will put several options under new submenus. Ally Growth will contain the Level Up and Learn Skills features; Change Equipment will have Skill Changing, Sacred Seal Changing, and Accessories inside; Interact with Allies will have the Ally Support and Summoner Support options.


june update 5

A new ‘Auto-learn’ feature will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes which makes Allies automatically learn as many skills as possible with the accumulated SP. Skills that fill empty slots will be prioritized.


june update 6

Apart from the above changes, there will now be eight different types of ‘Favorite’ icons so that players can sort through their Barracks more easily.


Other changes:

  • Blessings on a Hero in Arena Assault will increase score by 1 for each Hero
  • The amount of SP gained from leveling up will be increased


The update for Fire Emblem Heroes will come out in early June. Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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