Fire Emblem Heroes’ Launch Celebration Part 3 And Special Weapon Quests Are Now Live




Fire Emblem Heroes just updated with its Launch Celebration Special Maps Part 3 as well as a new set of special quests that involve playing with parties consisting of only sword, spear, or axe-users. It’ll be around until February 27, so be sure to get your Orbs!


The event, called “Special Weapon Quests” can be found in the Quests & Missions part of the game with three new sections called “Sword Mastery,” “Lance Mastery,” and “Axe Mastery.” These three come with their own challenges and you can get up to six orbs from completing them.


Additionally, the Part 3: Launch Celebration Special Maps went live tonight as well, and they’re giving away 3 Orbs each as before, for an extra 6. With the Special Weapon Quests, you can get 12 orbs with relative ease.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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