Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Defensive Battle Maps Come With Waves Of Enemies And Rewards



Fire Emblem Heroes has gone up with a collection of “Defensive Battle”special maps that require you to defend for a certain number of turns. You can take these on for easy leveling and 10 Orbs.


There are five new maps that come in Normal and Hard difficulties, ranging from Lv.10 to Lv.40 with each map rewarding players with an Orb for their first completion, for a total of 10 Orbs.


Since these maps are relatively cheap in stamina cost and they throw waves of enemies at you until you stay alive for six turns, it’s actually a pretty good way to level up your Heroes. You can also get more Orbs and plenty of Shards/Crystals through the Quests & Missions for the Defensive Battle maps. These special maps will be available through May 25, 2017.


These new maps also introduce us to the new defensive terrain system, where Heroes can stand on a defensive terrain tile to receive a reduction of 30% of their Def or Res. You can read more of the game’s recent 1.3.0 update in our previous report.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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