Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Event Brings Top-Tier Heroes At Higher Rates

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Fire Emblem Heroes just kicked off its latest event, “Hero Fest,” that features top-tier characters in Takumi, Hector, Ryoma, and Azura. Also announced was the third Voting Gauntlet for best male and female mages.


As for the new Summoning Focus: Hero Fest, it features some of the most powerful Heroes with Takumi, Hector, Ryoma, and Azura. Not only that, but the rates of pulling 5-star variants of the Heroes in this focus is set at 5% (normally at 3%). The Hero Fest focus will be available until May 8.


The Hero Fest event also comes with a Log-In Bonus of 2 Orbs each day by simply visiting the Home screen. This will also be around until May 8. Additionally, a Double SP Event has begun, allowing you to earn twice as much SP for defeating enemies and healing allies from now through May 7.


And finally, here’s a peek at the third Voting Gauntlet event:


The third Voting Gauntlet event, which was revealed during yesterday’s Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes live stream, and it’s one for the mages.


The female mages included Tharja, Julia, Sanaki, and Linde. The male mages include Robin, Leo, Henry, and Merric. In addition to new Summoning Focuses for the event, they’re making a little change that makes it so that a losing team’s flags will count as three times as part of a new comeback feature for the event.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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