In addition to the new Grand Hero Battle: Kana that started today, Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a big update scheduled for early May that adds buffs for Camilla and Clair, and various improvements.


Here are the highlights for the early May update:


Updates to the Arena

The following changes are being made to encourage even more players to test their teams in the Arena:

  • The chain bonus will have a max of five consecutive victories instead of a max of seven.
  • You can earn rewards for consecutive victories called Chain Rewards. These rewards, which include Orbs, can be earned once per season.



With the addition of Chain Rewards, Offense Rewards will no longer be given out, but the number of rewards you can receive will increase overall.


  • Bonus allies will now receive stat boosts like they do in Tempest Trials. Any bonus allies will gain HP+10 and Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4.


Weapon Skills and the Weapon Refinery


The following new unit-specific weapon skills can be learned by the Heroes listed below at 5★ by spending SP:

  • Rhomphaia – Hero who can learn this skill: Clair: Highborn Flier.
  • Camilla’s Axe – Hero who can learn this skill: Camillia: bewitching Beauty.
  • Yato – Hero who can learn this skill: Corrin: Fateful Prince


Improvements to Tap Battle

Tap Battle will receive the following improvements:

  • Extra Stages will appear starting from the fourth day of the event.
  • If you clear a stage, your Heroes can gain Hero Merit based on the results.
  • Preview notifications for the next stage will now appear.


Improvements to Rival Domains

Rival Domains will receive the following improvements:

  • Enemies will no longer attack immediately after warping.
  • Up until now, enemies were randomized, but now the same enemies will appear each time.
  • Enemy brigades will now include 40 characters instead of 20. This means the same character will generally appear fewer times per battle.


Tutorial and Playability Improvements

Improvements are being made to help new players ease into Fire Emblem Heroes after just starting out. We’re also giving out a “Thanks for the Playing Gift” to player who started playing from version 2.4.0 and earlier, allowing you to improve your Heroes in the same way as in the new tutorial


The Thanks for Playing Gift includes the following:

  • 4★ Hero Takumi: Wild Card
  • A set of materials allowing you to unlock the potential of initial allies to 4★:
    • 13,200 Hero Feathers
    • 60 Scarlet Badges, 30 Azure Badges, 30 Verdant Badges, and 60 Transparent Badges.
    • 20,432 Scarlet Shards, 10,216 Azure Shards, 10,216 Verdant Shards, and 20,432 Transparent Shards.


The gift will be distributed starting on 5/9/18.


Changes for Current Players

The following game rules are changing to allow for smoother game progress:

  • If a Hero is defeated during battle, they will no longer lose any of the EXP or SP earned in that battle.
  • The amount of EXP and SP  you can earn from clearing previously cleared maps will no longer be reduced by half.


A new feature will be added that lets you change how movement and action animations are shown during battle for any AI-controller characters.




This new option under Settings is called “Foe/Ally Auto-Battle Movement.” When set to Guided, the movements and actions of characters during battle will be shown in greater details.


Changes for New Players

  • The rarity of the following allies you obtain at the beginning will be upgraded to 4★:
    • Anna: Commander
    • Alfonse: Prince of Askr
    • Sharena: Princess of Askr
    • Raigh: Dark Child
    • Matthew: Faithful spy
    • Virion: Elite Archer


  • The first Hero you obtain will now be Takumi: Wild Card instead of Virion: Elite Archer. (Virion: Elite Archer will now become your ally at the same time as Raigh: Dark Child and Matthew: Faithful Spy.


  • Additional explanations about game controls will be added to the tutorial to guide new players.


  • All strata of the Training Tower will now unlock after clearing Prologue: Part 3.


  • The Auto-Battle button will automatically be available on the battle screen.


  • Other adjustments, including adjustments to enemy strength, will be implemented.


Other Improvements

  • Movies will no longer trigger when summoning certain Heroes. (The summoning movies can still be found in Movies under FAQ/Etc. In the Misc. menu if you summon one of these Heroes.
  • Additional options will be available in the Sacred Seal Forge.
  • A new setting option to stop the music from changing during an enemy’s turn will be added.
  • Mini units in Catalog of Heroes will appear with updated weapons.
  • Support for Android 8.0’s adaptive icons will be added.



Lastly, the Grand Hero Battle: Kana just started, featuring a new Grand Hero, Kana: Dragon Spawn. It’ll be available until May 11, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android. You can check our previous report for a recap of its latest Feh Channel live stream to learn more about other recent changes.

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