Fire Emblem Heroes’ “Regal Rabbits” Easter Heroes Of Palla, Marisa, Bruno, And Veronica Starts March 19

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Fire Emblem Heroes shared a look at what’s coming for its special Easter banner with the “Regal Rabbits,” featuring Palla, Marisa, Bruno, and Veronica as special versions starting March 19.


Here’s a new trailer featuring the four special Heroes:


You can check out more details on Palla, Marisa, Bruno, Veronica and their skills learnable at 5★ below:


Palla –  Eldest Bun-Bun (CV: Alexis Tipton|Artist: Mayo)



 Marisa – Crimson Rabbit (CV: Connor Kelley|Artist: Tsukito)



Bruno – Masked Hare (CV: T. Axerod|Artist: PenekoR)



Veronica – Spring Princess (CV: Wendee Lee| Artist: Umiu Geso)



The “Regal Rabbits” Summoning Focus will appear alongside its own Paralogue Story starting March 19, 2019 at 12:00am PT and 7:00 UTC. It ends April 19 at 12:00am PT and 7:00 UTC.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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