Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Oct-Nov Calendar And Tempest Trials+ Focus Banner


feh schedule 2

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed the upcoming schedule of events starting spanning from mid-October to mid-November, as well as the bonus units for the upcoming Tempest Trials+: Familiar Faces.


Here’s the schedule below:

feh schedule 1

For the upcoming Tempest Trials+, the featured bonus Heroes include the four Halloween units that are now available to summon; Dorcas: Pumpkin Smasher, who will be given out as a free reward in the event, and the regular versions of Myrrh, Mia, and Dorcas.


feh schedule 3


Additionally, a Focus Banner featuring the regular versions of Myrrh, Mia, and Dorcas is now available as of today:

feh schedule 2


The Tempest Trials+ will begin on October 14 and ends on October 22, 2018.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android.

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