Fire Emblem Heroes September Calendar Revealed; Doorway To Destiny Tempest Trial+ Begins


feh september 1

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed its calendar of events and summoning banners for September to October. The ‘Doorway to Destiny’ Tempest Trial+ has also begun.


The major September events include a Grand Hero Battle Revival for Saias: Bishop of Flame from Thracia 776, and a new set of Heroes that are set to join the game later this week alongside a new Book II story chapter. There will also be a Forging Bonds event starting on September 18, likely focusing on the characters added. Further on in Early October, a new Bound Hero Battle focusing on Ishtar & Reinhardt will begin.


feh september 2

feh september 3


The ‘Doorway to Destiny’ Tempest Trial+ has begun, and features the above bonus units. The free Tempest Trial+ reward unit this time is Ethlyn, who is Sigurd’s younger sister, and Quan’s wife. There will also be two Sacred Seal rewards for Blaze Dance 1 and Drive Speed 1.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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