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Meet Fire Emblem If’s White Kingdom Characters



Depending on which version you play for Fire Emblem If, you’ll be paired up with different allies and go up against different foes. The official website shares a look at some of the key characters that will be on your side in the White Kingdom version of the game. (The Black Kingdom characters can be found here.)


Ryoma (CV: Yuichi Nakamura):

Unit: Master Swordsman



Ryoma is the eldest son of the White Kingdom royal family, and is the actual older brother of the protagonist. He has the personality of one with “samurai spirit” and is very reliable.


Takumi (CV: Yuki Kaji)

Unit: Archer



Takumi is the younger prince of the White Kingdom. In order to have others acknowledge his strength, he has been polishing his martial arts skills. He has a somewhat suspicious nature.


Hinoka (CV: Kaori Nazuka):

Unit: Tenma Musha (lit. Pegasus Warrior, written in kanji instead the usual katakana for Pegasus Knight)



The eldest daughter of the White Kingdom royal family. She has the simple and obedient personality of a warrior. She began training as a warrior after her brother/sister, the protagonist, got kidnapped.


Sakura (CV: Hisako Kanemoto):

Unit: Shrine Maiden



Sakura is the princess and the youngest child of the White Kingdom royal family. She has a timid and shy personality. She even uses honorifics with her family members.


Mikoto (CV: Sayaka Ohara):



Mikoto is the peace-loving queen who rules the White Kingdom. She is the birth mother of the protagonist. She has taken the throne as the queen after the unexpected passing her of husband, Sumeragi.


Tsukuyomi (CV: Valshe):

Unit: Hexer



Tsukuyomi is a Hexer from the Wind Tribe. He’s exceptionally talented for a young man, and is quite confident  and and overbearing at times because of that. On the other hand, he occasionally displays certain childish tendencies like being afraid of the dark.


Rinka (CV: Yui Ishikawa):

Unit: Kijin (lit. “Ogre Person”)



Rinka is from the Fire Tribe, a tribe that is independent from the kingdom. She’s been ordered by her father, the chief, into helping the White Kingdom. She goes by the law of her tribe to not get involved more than she needs to with her allies.


Orochi (CV: Yuka Igarashi):

Unit: Hexer



Orochi’s high magic power is valued, and she serves as a Hexer for the imperial castle. Contrary to her calm and old-fashioned way of speaking, she has a playful personality.


Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. The game will release in the West sometime in 2016.

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